Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Years Bottle Swap

This is the New Years Bottle I received in the FGM Bottle Swap.

This is the second year we have done this and it is fun. You find things that are small or can be rolled or folded small enough to fit into a 2 liter soda bottle. You cut a three sided door in the side, you don't have to fit it all in through the top hole. :-) Then you tape the door shut, tape the address label over the door and mail it. And yes, the bottle is an acceptable mailing container.

Then it is even more fun when you receive yours and you get to open it. You would be amazed at how much you can get in there. Last year when mine came in, my 8yo DS said, "I can figure this out for you mom." I had been teasing him about how we were going to get the stuff out. He took the cap off and stuck his finger in, hooked a piece of material and started pulling. Needless to say, I stopped him after a few gentle pulls and showed him how to find the door and remove things without damaging them.

This years bottle, pictured above, arrived when my step D & S (8yo twins) were here so they got to help open and unwrap everything. I heard lots of "How neat" and "cool" and "another one!" As you can see, E-Fairie packed so many goodies into this bottle she even had me saying "another one!". There are some sewing and embellishing notions that I can't wait to try. A tube of iron cleaner that is perfect for someone who uses fusibles on a regular basis. Several floral pins, and a beaded ring that looks old, (E is this from your grandmother's jewelry box? I think you inherited it didn't you?) There is a pretty mirror compact that will fit nicely in my purse. There is a beautiful shell and a heart shaped polished stone, stickers, a little coffee paper note pad and more. Thank you E-Fairie!

This is always so much fun. Anybody out there wanna swap?

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