Sunday, August 19, 2007


I first posted about the Quilts of Valor here These are quilt for injured soldiers. You will find the links for Q.O.V in the post linked above.
Here is the first of two quilt tops completed for Quilts of Valor.
And a close-up. The second one is three quarters done and very similar. So, in a couple of days, when you think you are seeing double, hopefully you won't be. :-)

My husband went to the mountains last weekend for a man's getaway. We were chatting about the weekend on Sunday afternoon and he says, "Oh, I brought you pinecones. Your gonna like them." And he hops up to go to the car. I'm thinking, Oh, great, what am I gonna do with foot long pinecones. We saw 12" long pinecones the last time we were up there and I commented on them. So I figured that he remembered and was kind enough to bring some home for me.

Aren't these just the cutest pinecones you ever saw? He was right, I do like them.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I WON!!!

Does all caps mean you are shouting? OF COURSE IT DOES!

I was reading my bloglines and saw the headline about the winners of the book. I thought nah, I never win anything so I won't bother clicking to open the blog and read the whole article. But, I did anyway. Scrolling down, I see CJ at the top of the list. Cool, another CJ has won. Click to see who this other CJ is, and.... Hey.... It's me. Wow! I won. Now that is really cool.

I won the book Woman in Red over at 5 Minutes for Mom This is a blog by moms for moms. It's great. And right now I think they are even greater. Go check them out. Thank you Jennifer, Susan and Janice. I will now go to bed with a smile on my face.

Take care all and God bless.

4 Generations

I was reading Leanne's post about 4 generations of first born daughters at She is the third of four generations of first born daughters just as I am. That means first born child and daughter.
Here is a pic of Me, Grandma, my daughter and Mom. This was taken in 86 or 87 and the little one in blue is now 24. We have taken lots of 4 generation pic like this over the years and this was the only one I could find quickly this morning so it will have to do. Nearly ever time we got together, we were posing for these 4 generation pics. When I find more, I'll post them as well.
This makes me wonder how common or how rare is 4 generations of first born same gender.
Hope you enjoyed this little walk down memory lane with me. Take care and God bless.