Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Chistmas Tradition

These are this years ornaments for the kids. They are a free snowflake alphabet I downloaded. They are stitched with cream for the letters and gold for the stars onto dark red felt. I then layered a second square of felt and the ribbon and stitched a leaf stitch with my wonderful Elna. (Can you tell I'm in love) The outline stitch was done placing a thumbtack 1.5 inches away from my needle so that I got a perfect circle and then trim the excess felt. I also added 2006 under the initial in gold thread which is hard to see in this photo.

Every year my kids get new ornaments for christmas. They get to open these when we decorate the tree. I make sure they get dated and have their initials. Then, when they grow up and have their own house and tree, they have ornaments for the tree. I remember when I was first married and had my first house. We had a few hand-me-down ornaments and we filled in the gaps with candy canes. Then I guess that would be another tradition because, according to my 24 YO DD, the tree isn't complete until the candy canes are on it.

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