Monday, January 08, 2007

Items for Etsy Part 2

This is a rotating tiltable quilt hoop made by my Dad. This same thing happened here as with the quilt ladder. Mom wanted one and didn't want to pay the price they were charging. Especially not when we have such talented men in our lives. I think he did a wonderful job with this. In fact, several years ago, one of these was a birthday present for me. It has a "Handmade by" label on it and when I read that it was dad that made it. I cried. My parents had come to visit for my birthday. I was helping unload the car and carried in this gift. Of course, being wrapped in a white plastic bag, it was kind of a give-away as to what I was getting. But of course, being the good daughter, I dutifully pretended not to know about it. So, I knew what I was getting. The surprise was that it was made by Dad.

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Elizabet said...

This is just beautiful. What a interesting design!