Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bottle Swap Update

I don't have any FO's to post. I have been very busy with alterations for a local modest bridal shop.

Now to the reason for this post. I had the best time mailing my New Years bottle. No, I didn't say receiving, I said mailing. I was standing in line. Booring. Then it was my turn at the counter. The clerk absolutely loved that I was sending a bottle. She went on and on about how cute it was. She showed it off to her co-workers and go the other customers wondering what it was as well. She even teased her co-workers that she wouldn't tell them how I got things in there. I even had a customer waiting at the end of the lobby to ask how I did that. And to say how neat that was and how fun it would be to mail things to her granddaughters that way.

So, YES, it is as much fun to mail a bottle as it is to receive one.

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Elizabet said...

Hi Cory. I haven't forgotten about the art meme, I've just been run off my feet and not got to it yet!

Shall get to it soon!