Friday, December 29, 2006

Biker Bugs Quilt

This is the quilt that I made for new nephew Dalton. This was a panel of biker bugs that DH found at a quilt show and almost knocked me over getting to it he was so excited. He helped pick out several of the fabrics. And, of course, I couldn't just leave the panel alone. I had to cut it up and use the license plates around the outside for the block centers. This quilt is hanging on the wall in his bedroom. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. These pics were taken with a camera phone. I will get better pics in the near future and change them. Here is Dalton with his quilt. The bug is as big as him. And I found a cute bike print for the back.


No, not the charm bracelet charms, the fabric charms.LOL A group I belong to, the Fairie Goddess Mothers , has been doing a monthly charm swap. I participated a couple of times and this is what I did with one set of charms I received.
This will be a donation quilt for my Twisted Threads mini-group. We are making baby quilts to donate to a locale crisis center.

Art Meme

I've decided to take up the challenge of the ART MEME. I have responded to Gina's offer at and need to post here. So the first five people to respond to this challenge via comments on this post will get a small piece of art created by me. It will be something drawn, sewn, beaded or embroidered. I'm not quite sure what, but you will get something that I have made with love in order to 'spread the love'. The catch with this is that you also have to make the same sort of offer on your own blog. That means, this is not an exchange, you do not have to send me anything in return, but you must try to "pay it forward" through your own blog. So get commenting, and once I see you've taken it up, posted it and got people taking part then I will start making things. I can't promise how soon you'll get them, but you will get them.