Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rising Early

There are benefits to rising early. Really, there are. If I keep telling myself that, maybe someday I'll believe it. LOL :-)

My husband left for work early today. I mean early, as in 4:15 a.m., I made his lunch and sent him on his way and got busy reading email and blogs. At one point I hear what sounds like rain. Sure enough, it's raining in July in California which is very rare indeed.
As I got up to refill my coffee cup, I noticed the sunrise through the tree out front (see Three little monkeys post) and think "that looks like a beautiful sunrise". I grab my camera and head outside in my robe and barefeet.
It's an okay sunrise. As I am heading across the wet lawn and into the wet street to get a hopefully better pic I am rewarded with this view in the west.

Yes, it was a beautiful sunrise this morning.


Ginabee said...

Beautiful. I hope that was an omen for the rest of your day. Have a great weekend.

Cory said...

Gina, Yes it was an omen for the day. I spent the afternoon with my quilt group, sharing lunch and projects and laughs. Thanks and take care.

piney cq said...

Tis beautimous!!! Early morning is the very bestest. The earth just waking up....the birds just stirring the feathers....no loud music or cars.... just gorgeous mother nature! Thanks for sharing!!!