Saturday, February 17, 2007

What do you get with a sled, a rope, a bike and two little boys?

A bloody street.

Just kidding. You get skinned knees.

Well, after the first crash test dummy was damaged,
(apparently severely if you believed all the yelling about broken legs)

They found a new crash test dummy who wooden't yell when the curb testing began.

(The first crash test dummy is carrying his replacement)

Ginabee, are you having de ja vue?

These two are always coming up with something. The first crash test dummy is my nine YO and the driver/tower is my 8 YO step-son. They are either building something or tearing something apart.

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Ginabee said...

You better believe it! De'ja vue in a big way. Only mine climbed in the ice chest, put on his father's motorcycle helmet and tied a rope to the back of his friends electric scooter .... road rash could never be considered pretty! It's amazing that we survive them. Everyone should have at least two close in age, dontcha think?