Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cutting Implements

I was reading blogs through Bloglines (love it) and found pics of rotary cutters and sewing scissors at Craft Apple This got me thinking about how many I had. I had no idea I had that many scissors until I started rounding them up. Of course they each have their own home and specific uses. 3 are for hand embroidery, three are at the sewing machine, one each at the ironing board and the embroidery machine. The rest are in a bin on the cutting table so they are within easy reach. I have 2 Fiskars Softtouch because I thought I lost my pair and after I replaced them, they showed up. But they are the best scissors if you have a lot of cutting to do so I use both equally, one at the cutting table and one at the sewing machine. The two black handled scissors are antiques and don't get used. If you look close, you can see the black paint has chipped. The two across the top are pinking shears (one antique). This was informative just for myself. I guess I need to stop scissor shopping.:-)

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