Monday, March 19, 2007

Project Spectrum, Finally

Here is the first piece done for Project spectrum.
I took a piece of batting and layered on a piece of grey fabric with little black flowers (this fabric has a story of it's own and when I find the box the quilt is in, I will share). Then I raw edge appliqued several colors of blue satin, pieces of grey and white satin and white tulle. I then couched eyelash yarn, ribbon and tulle in random swirls. I like the piece and I may use it as a journal quilt page or cut it up for postcards. Haven't decided yet. I enjoyed the creation process. I picked out the material I wanted to use, sat down at my machine and just started stitching away. I haven't done that in a while.
I have some projects that I need to get pics of and then I will share them.
Oh Oh OH!!! I got a digital camera for my b-day on the 18th from Mom and Dad. Can you tell I am excited?! It chimes when it turns on and I told the kids "Listen, it says Cory's New Camera". I love it and as soon as I get pics taken and downloaded I will share some of them.


Ginabee said...

Nice job Cory, I'm still waiting on the inspiration and the month is almost over. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY - enjoy your camera but be careful .. it's addicting!

Joseph said...

Very cool!! I still haven't sat down and just collaged fabric with no particular image/idea in mind! Just can't seem to get my mind wrapped around wants direction, road signs, images...SOMETHING!!! Great job!