Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Old Red Barn Co.

Dana over at The Old Red Barn Co. is giving away the most beautiful quilt. Click on the link at the bottom of the page or below to enter. Good luck to all of you that enter. Win a quilt at www.oldredbarnco.blogspot.com
Take care and God bless, Cory


Dana said...

Thanks Cori!! I see the banner in the sidebar is too big. Blogger has the option to shrink it to fit. Maybe play around with it. Or not.
Thanks and good luck!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Cory, I just saw your blog at 1Peter3 and saw that you mentioned quilting so had to check your site out. I to am a quilter,not as good as I'd like, but love to hand quilt. I used to live in No.Ca. but moved to Colorado...love it here. You've got beautiful quilts-so fun to see another sister also into this craft. Blessings to you.

Lynn said...

Hi Cory, I am visiting all the bloggers of 1Peter3. You have a lovely place here. I hope to stop back again soon. Hugs, Lynn

gina said...

Thanks for the heads up about the red barn and thanks for reading QuiltersBuzz.com. I posted a bit today about the headband tutorial.

Quilted Quickies said...

Hi Cory,
Just thought I'd stop by and say "Hi". I'll stop by again. Thanks again for your interest in our jumper for the Dress Blog-a-thon hosted by LakeHouse (Holly Holdrman). If anyone else is interested the pdf is available on our web site - www.quiltedquickies.com under our "eWeb Bonus" area.
Take care,
Jere'e @ Quilted Quickies

Dana said...

Cori -- I'd email you if I had a way to but I don't. I'd be happy to send the quilt kit your way for your church. Email me at dana@oldredbarnco.com so that I can get your mailing address. :)

Tozz said...

HI just wanted to let you know that with the pdf pattern from the Among the Gum Trees if you click on the link and if nothing comes up then click on the refresh arrows at the top of the page that is next to the X. It should then come up with the pattern. I have found this happens to me too. If it doesnt help give me your email address and I will email the pattern to you. It has something to do with your computers firewall or something like that. hugs Vicki (Tozz)

Allie said...

Hi Cory, you left a comment on my blog for the give-away and you're a no-reply blogger - I can't email you - you can email me at alliehomeschool@yahoo.com