Sunday, September 23, 2007


We, my son and I, were able to go to Quilting in the Garden on Saturday. This is the quilt show that Alex Anderson hosts annually at Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore. It is a wonderful show in a beautiful location. The quilts are hung in the 300 year old oak trees that are on the grounds of the nursery. Unfortunately, this year, it rained. They were not able to hang the quilts in the trees. There were quilts in the buildings. And we got to see Valori Wells and some of her quilts. And my son got to make a quilt block.

This is the child who complained about having to go. I reminded him of all I do for the family and that he should be good and enjoy himself so that Mom would not be cranky.

Now, doesn't he look like he is having fun? I think so too.

He got to meet Alex. She is one of the most friendly tv quilt stars I know. Like I know all that many, huh.

We even make it over to the Diablo Valley Quilt show as well. They have their show the same weekend as Quilting in the Garden every year. The shows are less that 30 minutes apart and it makes a lot of sense to me.

We had a good time together. DS said, "It was more fun than I thought. I thought we were just going to sit in a chair and they were going to show us the quilts." I told him that is a trunk show. His response? We aren't going to one of those are we?:-)

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